Aki Kaurismäki

(2023, Finland) 

Winner Grand Jury Prize, Cannes Film Festival

Cinema Café 


"It is a triumph in every sense of the word — just as it is a humble portrait of life's small moments. The way Kaurismäki strikes this balance is breathtaking in its patience, proving how the most moving works of cinema can come from the simplest of places."

— Chase Hutchinson, Collider

"'​Fallen Leaves' is a quiet masterpiece about tenderness in a cold world. 

Sometimes a movie reaches the unreachable in us, not because

it’s a grand masterpiece but because it’s as quiet and intimate as air."

Stephanie Zacharek, Time

"'Fallen Leaves' is consistently funny, but its laughs arrive without fanfare.

They slide in calmly, at times obliquely in eccentric details,

offbeat juxtapositions, taciturn exchanges, long pauses and amiably barbed insults."

— Manohla Dargis, New York Times

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​"Fallen Leaves"