S E N D   A   C H E C K

Terry Ebinger
PO Box 250

Glen Ellen, CA


—  Z O O M   O N L I N E   C L A S S   F O R M A T  —

•  All necessary links will be sent following registration.

•  Live on Zoom, Terry will introduce each film's noteworthy cultural, mythic, 

psychological, symbolic, and cinematic elements for students to track.

•  Immediately following the lecture, students will stream movie at home.  

​​These films will be available on common streaming sites.  Students will pay rental fee. 

•  Following the film, Zoom meeting will resume for live discussion until scheduled ending.
The precise after-film return time will be announced before we break to stream.
•  Students may join Zoom via computer or telephone call.​

Online Classes

Serious  fun  for cinephiles!​

Payment and Registration