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Due to Terry's Recent Arm and Shoulder Injury

We Will Rescedule When Her Recovery Allows . . .

•  Coming to Zoom in October  •

Symbol and Psychology in Shot and Scene


This class is designed for students to have watched these widely available films 
before class. Watch nearest to class meeting time for optimal impact. 

​The 39 Steps  /  The Lady Vanishes  /  Foreign Correspondent
Shadow of a Doubt  /  Notorious  /  Strangers on a Train​​

Take a deep dive into the maestro’s cinematic genius as we unpack his masterful

art, impeccable craft, and the fundamentals of his symbolic storytelling style.

​Our focus will be a dynamic and astute analyses of key repeating Hitchcock

image motifs, meaningful camera shots, and pivotal scenes from each week's film. 

We’ll dive into each film’s mythic themes and archetypal elements, 

considering how they reflect Hitchcock’s own moral and psychological development. 

We'll reflect on a film each week in chronological order, during the fertile

period of 1935 - 1951, which centers us inthe radiant expressionist

brilliance of Hitchcock in shimmering black and white.

Deep Hitchcock : Symbol and Psychology in Shot and Scene