​​​​​​​​​​Film Studies Rooted in MythPsychology, Image, and Culture

​​Uncover universal mythic threads of cinematic storytelling.

Demystify archetypal motifs and images common to film. 

Learn the language of symbol, metaphor, and dream. 

Identify the signature style of many unique film artists.​​​ 

Observe how film history reflects and distills cultural history.​​ 

Discover how film technique conveys many threads of meaning.

Delve deeply into movies . . .

•  Swing Time •

Fred and Ginger Make Fizzy Magic

 Mank  •

​Dazzling Retelling of the Making of Citizen Kane

B I L L Y   W I L D E R

The Art of the American Shadow —

Mondays    November 23 - December 14   2:00 - 5:15 pm    Zoom    $95

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Terry Ebinger, MS

My life has been shaped by three

essential threads of joy and purpose . . .

A deep commitment to the inner life, a passion

for mentoring, and a lifelong love of cinema.

Join me to play in the field of mythic story, artistic

genius, depth psychology, and cultural history.

Enjoy a seriously fun approach to film study.



•  Billy Wilder  •

​The Art of the American Shadow