​​​​The Heroine's Quest in Film

San Francisco Jung Institute

2610 Mission Street

Saturday, March 4

​1 to 4 pm


​​​The Heroine's Quest in Film

Feminine Initiation and Healing Seen Through a Female  Gaze

What elements differentiate a “Heroine’s Quest” from a “Hero’s Journey?”

What markers tell us that we have entered a mythic mission into the deep feminine?

What features do ‘female gaze’ films affirm that the collective has devalued?

Film is a powerful imaginal medium and cultural messenger that
inspires both reflection and feeling. In this daylong immersion we’ll
delve into feminine quest tales as imagined by female filmmakers.

Through the lens of depth psychology, mythic imagination, and the
language of archetype and dream, we’ll investigate how

heroine questfilms and ‘the female gaze’ itself seek to restore

lost fairy tale values in these times of ubiquitous hero journey tales.

Via lecture, discussion, and analyses of film images and clips,
we’ll glimpse into and amplify works from gifted contemporary,
historic, and emerging female filmmakers from around the world.

Recurrent heroine quest motifs will be observed and contemplated.

This day will provide encouraging insight and practical experience gathering

meaning from an abundance offemale storytelling, artistry, and authority.

The Heroine's Quest in Film