Z O O M   C L A S S   F O R M A T

On Scheduled Saturday Nights, between 6:30 and 9:30 pm:

•  Live on Zoom, Terry will introduce each film's noteworthy cultural, 
​psychological, mythic, symbolic, and cinematic elements for students to track.

•  After lecture, students will 'simultaneously' stream movie at home.

​These films will be available on common streaming sites, and students will pay rental fee. 

•  After film, Zoom meeting will resume for live discussion until 9:30 pm.

•  Students may join Zoom via computer or telephone call.

•  Necessary links sent following registration.

• Movie of the Moon Club •

Premiering August 15

2020   Coming Attractions   2020

​​• Groundhog Day •

A Fundraiser for Sister District