Hopeful,  Humane,  Playful,  Inspiring  

— ​​An  Ecological  Fable  for  Our  Times —

Monday  •  February 1  •  Brigid's Day    

​​2:00 - 5:15 pm PT  •  Zoom  •  $22

Woman at War

Woman at War

"My film has no misery, no violence, no death, not even a gun, and no sex."

Benedikt​ Erlingsson, Director​​

"A fantastically artful fable that examines what it really means to save the world."

David Erlich, Indiewire

"Quietly groundbreaking. Entirely unique and uniquely vital."  

"A warmth, wit and wisdom that transcend national and cultural

boundaries, making this a truly universal treat."

Mark Kermode, Guardian