David Byrne brings his Broadway triumph to the screen through Spike Lees' masterful direction. 

Perfectly timed for this moment, American Utopia invites catharsis through 

euphoric percussive rhythm and familiar — yet revelatory — melodic Byrne songs.

​This ecstatic film combines deep humanity with jubilant music, joyously fusing soul and spirit.

A magnificent international ensemble and ingenious staging creates a one-of-a-kind event to opens our hearts and minds as we usher in this pivotal New Year and threshold of change.

On President's Day!​​

American Utopia

February 15  •  President's Day  •  Zoom  •  2:00 - 5:15  pm PT  •  $22

​​• Joyous,  Moving,  Thoughtful,  Rapturous •

American Utopia