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Her fearless range of characters celebrated a multiplicity of female qualities. 

They were intense, contrary, dynamic, vulnerable, hard, pitiless, pitiful, radiant, lovestruck.

Join us for her legendary performance in the peak work of her 'Women's Pictures' period. 

The prototype for all makeover movies, and a 'Fashion Film' in its own right.


Featuring gowns by Orry-Kelly, her longtime costume genius at Warner Brothers.

​A Production Code Era ugly duckling tale---with a negative mother complex in need of healing.

Grounded in the transformative power of good psychotherapy---mixed with a new wardrobe.

Add a loving, conflicted soulmate adoringly portrayed by Paul Henreid. 

A classic piece of forties Hollywood.  One of Bette Davis' most treasured works.

​Bette Davis : The Power of Feeling

•  Coming to Zoom in September  •

• Monday, November 9 •

2:00 - 5:15 pm • Zoom • $22